Ragnarok : actors of Skam in the credits of the series mythology of Netflix

Expected in the course of 2020 on Netflix, the series teen “Ragnarok”, created by Adam Price (“Borgen”), has entered into filming and will see the three actors of the “Skam” to embody high school students faced with the possible beginnings of the Day of the last judgment. Netflix either through the franchise film Thor, or the series Vikings, the norse mythology has been a buzzword for a few years in Hollywood, and Netflix seems to be ready to surf on the wave with Ragnarok, a teen drama Norwegian in six episodes ordered at the end of last year, and for which shooting has just started in Norway and Denmark. Created by Adam Price, who must Borgen and the name of the father, Ragnarok adapts to the sauce modern norse mythology in transposing, according to a press release, some of its elements in a plot with a high school student that follows several teenagers who attend, powerless, and frightened, to drastic changes in climate that are affecting the globe. Quickly, they end up convinced that these devastating events are the first signs of the Day of the last judgment (“Ragnarok” in Norwegian) and will have to do everything to prevent the worst. In short, this new series Netflix should take us quite far from the plot of the series ado traditional, but the fans of Skam, however, could find their account, as several of the actors from the series phenomenon will appear in the credits. Netflix has revealed, in addition to a first photo shooting visible above, that the main cast of Ragnarok would be composed of Herman Tømmeraas, David Stakston and Theresa Frostad Eggesbø, who camped Christoffer, Magnus and Sonja in the Skam Norwegian, as well as Jonah Strand Gravli (22 July), and Emma Bones. A casting rather tantalizing that we will be able to discover on the screen in 2020, when Netflix will put online the six episodes of the first season. And in the meantime, we can already ask how the different gods of the norse mythology such as Odin or Loki, will be integrated into the narrative of this fantasy series for teens.

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